Digital Tools for Inclusion of Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants

The project promotes and encourages the integration of refugees, asylum seekers and newly arrived migrants through enhancing their basic skills and key competences for achieving better social and labour inclusion in the European Community.

Training course for immigrants

Hildburghausen, Germany

Team building activity

Burgas, Bulgaria

Refugees' area of Caritas di Adria-Rovigo

Rovigo, Italy

International Forum

Madrid, Spain

Final conclusions and follow-up activities

Madrid, Spain

Digital Inclusion team

Madrid, Spain

Digital Inclusion e-learning course

Written by Digital Inclusion

The developed course, targeting immigrants/refugees/third country nationals, gives opportunity to the users to acquire knowledge and practices that can be beneficial for their personal and professional development in the European countries. It consists of five modules: 

Module 1: Basic Computer Skills  

Module 2: Basic Language Skills 

Module 3: Practices for entering the labour market 

Module 4: Know your Laws 

Module 5: Entrepreneurship 

In each module can be found: 

  • the relevant content in 6 languages (English, Bulgarian, Greek, German, Italian and Spanish)
  • a forum discussion where users can share experiences, opinions and exchange information on specific issues of their interest
  • some useful resources for further engagement with the course in the 6 languages

Completing the course, the users will have the chance to check their knowledge through an assessment and get a certificate, awarding ECTS credits. All content is available for download.

Please, visit the e-learning platform at the Digital Inclusion website's main menu

Network for cross-border cooperation

Written by Digital Inclusion

The creation of a network for cross-border cooperation and exchange of experiences between organisations active in the inclusion of migrants field, gives opportunity for better understanding of the Union's agenda and achievement of better results in facing the crisis suffered by many Member States. This activity has a long-lasting and multiplier effect (led by the coordinator with expertise in networking), as it will be enlarged with new members and enriched with various activities in the following years.

The Digital Inclusion partners invite all organisations working in the area and promoting the integration of refugees, asylum seekers and newly arrived migrants to become part of this dynamic international community.

Please, fill in this form, to become member of the Digital Inclusion Network and send it to the project coordinator (e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).